Weekly Newsletter – August 18

Summer Season starts soon

We are coming up rapidly on a brand new season of athletics! The YRA Committee is in the process of finalising all dates and it will be ready very soon!

In the meantime between now and the beginning of the season, we encourage our whole community to consider volunteering this season, whether you are a parent of a Little Athlete, or a Senior athlete. We are extremely privileged to have the wonderful base of volunteers that we do at YRA, and we welcome everyone’s contributions, big or small! Our club is built entirely on the hard work of our volunteers and we want to support them to grow their skills!

This season we are especially keen to teach the ways of the starters gun! If you think you would like to give it a go, please contact info@yarrarangesathletics.org.au.

We are also excited to offer our community a chance to complete the ITLAS course.

Teaching Athletics Skills – ITLAS

The Committee is very keen to offer opportunities to our Age Group Leaders and interested parents to learn more about teaching fundamental athletic skills. Little Athletics Victoria is offering a coaching course in the coming months called Introduction to Teaching Little Athletics Skills (ITLAS). It is a practical introduction to the basics of athletics. Click on the button below to learn more.

The club is willing to pay for your attendance. The closest courses are: Collingwood (4 Sept), Box Hill (12 Sept) or Whittlesea (3 Oct) but other dates/locations are options.

This is an awesome way to learn about teaching critical athletics skills, and is great for parents, volunteers, previous Little Athletes and school teachers, who want to know a little more about the skills of the sport in order to help at Little Aths, or prepare students for a school athletics carnival.

With a big summer season coming, we encourage everyone to consider giving the ITLAS a go!

Please contact Kate Downward on 0400 430 584 ASAP with an expression of interest to attend.

Calendar Changes

The YRA Cross Country calendar will be changing, subject to changes to COVID restrictions. Pay close attention to our Facebook page to ensure you don’t miss out on the action!

LAVIC Calendar 2021-22

Athletics Victoria Calendar 2021-22

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