Weekly Newsletter – August 11

Back Soon

We will be back again soon!

While this weekend of XC racing may be cancelled again, if we are lucky we will be able to return to our YRA XC handicap day on Saturday 21st.

More details to come in the next edition of the newsletter, subject to COVID19 restrictions.

Next Weekend

Round 20 on Saturday 21st August will be held at Lillydale Lake.

It will be our annual Handicap Day. This event uses your past results as a guide for when your race starts. You’ll get a start time and race the track in a bid to finish before the other runners.

XCR Lakeside 10 Cancelled

The XCR Lakeside has been cancelled.

LAVic 2021/2022 Summer Season Calendar

The LAVic summer season calendar has been released. Take a look to see the events being held state-wide.

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