Weekly Newsletter – Jan 5

And so 2021 arrives! No doubt there is a lot of excitement for everyone stepping into a new year with new challenges awaiting. With Littles and Seniors both returning on the 16th of January we hope that everyone has had the chance to relax and recharge the batteries for another busy time of aths.
The Seniors calendar has been updated to AVs most recent iteration so be sure to take a look.

A few big things have happened this week for some of our senior athletes.

Sydney to Melbourne Ultra-marathon

Past president of the club Michael Clarke competed in the virtual Sydney to Melbourne ultramarathon, he successfully completed 1006.9km over 99 days and 82 hours of running. It is hoped that given the virtual nature of the run he didn’t have to quarantine on his way into Melbourne.

Congratualtions Michael!

“A virtual challenge completed. 1000km in 100 days. In the world of serious runners, they are numbers that are barely a blip. For me it was a challenge to get my fitness back and get ready for racing again in 2021.

What made the challenge possible and enjoyable was knowing that I had my YRA running family. A club full of support and understanding. Even though goals and sessions are different, knowing there will be others ‘turning up’ makes chasing goals easier, sharing struggles less heavy, celebrating success more fun. Looking forward to the next challenge and sharing it with YRA.”

Off to Uni

It is with great excitement that we wish Harry Norman – our resident XCR champion – all the best for his departure to Temple University. Harry has been an inspirational figure in the senior team and we are so proud to see him pursuing his dreams.

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